SOW is founded by TWO WOMEN OF COLOR artists and educators with over a decade of experience addressing inequities in the youth development, education and creative sector.



Eda Levenson is an educator and artist. Her work is defined by a deep commitment to cultivating spaces that enable marginalized communities to self-actualize and thrive. Eda has led youth-centered social justice efforts for over a decade. Additionally, Eda is the founder of Lady Fancy Nails, a nail art brand that creates designs and experiences rooted in unique expressions of individuality and self-care. Eda has worked with many notable brands, institutions, and media outlets. Eda holds a Masters from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Bachelors of Arts in Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.




Geneva White is drawn to spaces and people that are typically missed by others. This is reflected in her photography, as well as what inspires her work with young people. Geneva’s photography has been featured and exhibited in various publications and forums. Geneva’s own experience as a young person mirrors that of the youth that she serves. Before building SOW, Geneva worked for ten years in higher arts education, ultimately leading to her belief in the necessity to disrupt the current model of education that remains the barrier for many young people in NYC. Geneva received her Bachelor of Arts in Art Education at Seton Hill University.